We are excited for the future, and with the creation of this web site, hope that we have reached you and displayed a professionalism that you can see. This site was not created by a service, and hopefully shows our dedication to always learning and seeking new ways to perfect our business.
Thank you for your time, and we hope to talk to you in person at the estimate!

In every one of these branches you will find a history of logging and mill work.
Since starting this company, we have built on our old school work ethic and logging practices and incorporated new technologies and rigging techniques to maintain the highest degree of safety both for us and for your property and dwellings. We are an excptionally skilled tree removal company and our experiance with heavy equipment in residential setting sets us apart from other logging companies.
Our families combined have 10 children, from 36 years old to 2 years old, and we have no plans for leaving this area. We are commited to building on our past legacy and giving our children an opportunity to continue in thier forefathers footsteps.
In Memory Of Tom Carpenter
RidgeLine started in October 2010 as a team of true locals with one goal in mind: bring the highest level of professionalism, skill, honesty, and reliability that the North Coast has ever had in logging and lot clearing. We understand that there is a high bar set from past generations of loggers who were masters of thier trade and legends across the world, but they were our relatives, and we desire to let that legend live on.

Our roots go back to the founding of Humboldt, and our families extend to Nikoli Tompkins of Tompkins Hill, to the owners of one of the first mills in Alton, to the native tribe of the Wailaki Indians, to one of the original landowners and devopers of Wilder Ridge, and who knows how many other branches of local family lost to the history books.