Excellent work performed by a courteous and clean crew. Fast and efficient! We reccomend them for tree trimming/falling and clean-up. Thanks Bob and crew!
-Amy W.
I was so impressed that my hazardous tree could be removed so efficiently and without any damage to my house or my garden. The clean up was top notch and the firewood was cut up in nice, useable sizes. We won't be cold this winter. Good work guys!
-Janet R.
Thanks for showing up so quickly when that tree fell on my trucks. Even though my work truck was damaged, you still took the time to remove it in such a way that no more damage was done. Thanks for dealing with the insurance company too.
-John H.
Thank you for sheding more light on my garden and sun room. My trees had grown far too big over the last few years and were seriously cutting out the sunlight. Removing that stand of redwoods brought in the light and made me some money. Thanks for the hard work and dedecation.
-Brandon M.
I would never have imagined that my trees could be taken care of so easily. I had expected a huge mess, a rough crew, and lots of damage to my pocketbook. Thank God I decided to use RidgeLine. Everything looks great and my neighbors love the new view. You guys are great!
-Anya P.